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IdN v19n5: Interactive Design — Perfecting those Air to Surface Missiles

Designing the perfect digital tools and useful applications that end-users will want to embrace is the design world's new holy grail. We present the work and observations of 9 prestigious practitioners of this most cutting-edge end of the design field to show us how interaction design can be as functional as it is fun to use – and to discuss the challenges that it offers, as well as to predict some of the future paths it may take.


Motion Gallery: Hand-drawn
Interactive Design: Perfecting those Air to Surface Missiles
Creative Country: South Korea
Branding: MoMA
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104 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + spot UV + vanish
112 minutes DVD Video included

Interactive Design Issue

Redefining the term "user-friendly"

Design usually has one of two goals, often both: to be aesthetically pleasing to a viewer and to "sell" whatever brought it into being, be that an actual product, a brand, an identity or an idea. Interaction design lives or dies through recipients' responses to it. If as result of seeing it, the viewer cannot or does not want to "inter-act" with it, then the design quite clearly hasn't worked.

As one practitioner noted: "We need to be able to tap into audiences' minds in order to build intuitive designs that help enhance their lives and extend the way they interact – this is really what interaction design is about, it's about building experiences for people."


Jean-Christophe Naour | Josh Nimoy | Multitouch Barcelona | Nation | Snibbe Interactive | Sword & Sworcery | ToDo | Trafik | YesYesNo

Motion Gallery: Hand-Drawn

Hand-drawing adds magic to the digital environment

More and more motion-makers are having recourse to this most basic form of art to bring a certain special "something" to their movies. This time-consuming technique has now been done away with by digital technology. But traditional drawing ability still plays a vital role in computer animation. Here are 23 beautifully executed examples from 21 of the world's most talented exponents of combining traditional techniques with digital means.

Creative Country: South Korea

Transition from chaos: emerging as a world power

The modern Republic of Korea has come a long way in the half-century or so that has passed since a brutal civil war left the country on its knees. Political stability has engendered a technological powerhouse that leads the world in many sectors – and a design scene that is among the most vibrant in Asia. Find out what it's like to live and work in it from six of the best contemporary creatives – their challenges, their dreams, their everyday experiences. And be astounded at the innovative work they are producing.


Hyesu Lee | Sakiroo | Studio Dumbar | Sulki and Min | Workroom | Yoonhyup Kim

Branding: MoMA

Challenge of selling sole client who "sells" world's finest art

Situated in the heart of New York's Manhattan, the Museum of Modern Art has been an iconic representative of the best of contemporary art and crafts for more than half a century. Surely, it sells itself? Well no, keeping a global public interested in and enthusiastic about what it has to offer – both its permanent collections and its ever-changing exhibitions – is a constant challenge for its highly professional in-house design team. The one rule they are urged to observe is "Don't try to compete with the art – let it speak for itself".


MoMA Design Studio

Regulars: POTM

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