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IdN v21n4: Pattern Special — Brand in Pattern

Integrating patterns into a brand's language is never an easy task. It can often add something aesthetically memorable. Playing devil's advocate on the other hand, it can also clutter and confuse. Discover how these creatives take on the challenge and level up various identities to new peaks.


Motion Gallery: Motion Branding
Feature: Brand in Pattern
Creative Country: Japan
Et cetera/Pick of the Month
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100 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + matt lamination + UV varnish
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Feature: Brand in Pattern

Does pattern ever belong in a Brand ID?

Simple patterns are probably better than complex ones for a brand ID and you must be careful that they do not overpower the central concept. However, a well-executed pattern can be quite memorable and has the ability to embed itself into a viewer’s consciousness.

Here you can see the selected works – and read the words of wisdom born of experience of 18 creative entities who have all at some time or another managed to blend pattern successfully with a brand identity system.


Anti | Bielke+Yang | BVD | Camille Walala | Craig & Karl | Denis Mallet | Drew Watts | Freja Hedvall | Jonas Emmertsen | Kulachek | LAVA | Leonardo Sonnoli | Olivia King | Posthyphen Graphic Design | RM&CO | Stahl R | Sydney Goldstein | Toormix

Motion Gallery: Motion Branding

Time for branding to "move" with the times

This issue we look at the necessary techniques required for bridging a brand's DNA with the logistics of moving imagery through the eyes of 3 motion-branding experts – as well as 17 specialists who have mastered the language of branding in motion!

Creative branding can have a huge impact for brand value in today’s design-savvy marketplace and motion design adds a layer to this experience that creates powerful associations that can bring the brand vividly to life. All of the many strengths of motion design are creating a new visual language to link streams of branded information with incredible moving imagery. Effective motion branding should ideally define the individuality within a brand as well as acting as a catalyst to maximize visual attraction for the viewer.


Brandly | Earth Design Works | LWZ and more!

Creative City: Japan

Bridging design talents with social concerns

Japanese designers are known around the world for their distinctive aesthetics and powerfully expressive visual language, as well as the extraordinary technical quality of their printed material. They seem to have moved away from a purely artistic approach in response to the latest natural disaster and the effect it has had on ordinary people’s lives. Many of them now feel committed to purveying a positive attitude and helping their fellows to avoid mass depression. In short, doing their bit to re-build a wounded society.


Kigi | NNNNY | Ribbonesia | Rikako Nagashima | Tymote

Et cetera

Pick of the Month


Adam Rix | Benoit Challand | Damien Gilley | David Pearson | Hong Ka Lok | Irma Boom | JeeYoung Lee | Jono Garrett | Khyati Trehan | Komboh | Kyunglin Kim | Letterproeftuin | Mark Gonyea | Martijn Sandberg | Mia Wen-hsuan Liu | Michael Thorsby | Natasha Hellegouarch | Nicholas Barclay | Playtype | Sara Ulrich | Schultzschultz | Super Script | Volume Inc. | Yoni Alter

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