Oishii Creative — PromaxBDA Conference & Awards Package 2016 (1:26)

Drawing heavily from PromaxBDA’s tagline, “Create What’s Next,” Oishii created sleek, fully-CG Conference and Awards openers that celebrate all the creative possibilities that lie ahead for the industry.

Client: PromaxBDA
President/CEO: Steve Kazanjian

Creative Agency: Oishii Creative
Chief Creative Officer: Ismael Obregon
Executive Producer: Daniel Walkup
Producers: Danielle Hazan and Sean Sullivan
Designers: Harumi Yoshida and Amanda Trovela
CG Artist/Animator: Evan Lattimore
Editor/Animator: Nicholas Nykamp
Technology Used: Adobe Suite, C4D, OTOY/OctaneRender Software

Music: Harmonix Sound Creators

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