Design for Asia Award (DFAA) 2013 Grand Award and Special Award Winner-West Kowloon Bamboo Theater 2013! — Hong Kong, China

The West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre 2013 is a temporary structure built to hold Cantonese Opera for 2013 Lunar New Year celebrations in Hong Kong. The theatre is established by “bamboo scaffold” in consideration of bamboo’s sustainability and its Hong Kong identity. Hence, it attracted over 100,000 visitors within 3 weeks, and it has revitalized interest in the traditional cultural art form. The outstanding design idea of the project won the Design for Asia Grand Award 2013 and Design for Asia Special Award for Culture — DFAA is the flagship programme in Hong Kong Design Centre at the high note of 11th year to commend good designs. In year 2013, a total of 119 awardees out of 970 entries from 19 countries and regions were honoured for their design excellence, including 10 Grand Awards, 3 Special Awards for Culture, Sustainability and Technology respectively, 11 Gold Awards,25 Silver Awards, 35 Bronze Awards and 35 Merit Recognition.

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