Libros Mutantes 14: Madrid Art Book Fair — Madrid, Spain

Those who say that Spain is no country for self-publishers haven’t been to Libros Mutantes, a curatorial and research Project on Art Books and Self Publishing that will celebrate its 5th Art Book Fair on April 25-27 at La Casa Encendida (Madrid). One weekend a year Madrid is invaded by publishers, designers and visual artists who contribute to a multidisciplinary programme: lectures, workshops, music, art installations and, of course, international booths where the public will be able to flick through publications from all around the world. Confirmed international guests include: publisher and curator Kimberly Lloyd (Qompendium, DE), editors Jeanne-Salomé Rochat & Florence Tétier (Novembre Magazine, CH), artist Martin Kohout (TLTRPreß, CZ), designers Thomas Subreville & Léonard Vernhet (Ill Studio, FR) and editors Sara Kaaman & Jessica Gysel (Girls Like Us, NL/SE). OPEN CALL for Exhibitors! (Deadline 10 MAR, 2014)

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