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Adbusters #115: Blueprint for a New World Part IV (Techno) — What is reality?

Is your OS up to date? Good. How’s your WiFi connection? Great. Are you reading this hunched over in a cubicle? LOL. Or maybe huddled in a bomb shelter? Uh-oh. Are you ready for Reality 2.0? Yikes. Can’t quite kick your Facebook habit? That’s normal. Or perhaps you’re wondering about the meaning of life now that every human action is monitored, recorded and exploited by the data-industrial complex? Yeah. So are we.


ISSN (Asia Pacific Edition): 2313-4038
ISSN (Hong Kong Edition): 2313-4046
Size: 203mm(w) x 267mm(h)
Pages: 112p + 4p cover

What is reality?

In this issue we explore a question that all of us try to answer every minute of our lives: What. is. reality? A philosophical meditation on the nature of life in the post-Candy Crush world, issue #115 is a visual adventure into the surreal. Are we ready? Are you ready?

About Adbusters

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Adbusters is a not-for-profit magazine concerned about the erosion of our physical and cultural environments by commercial forces. Its aim is to catalyze a sudden, unexpected moment of truth — a global mindshift — from which the consumerist forces never fully recover.

Adbusters is a global network of culture jammers: writers, artists, designers, rabble rousers… hackers, philosophers, pranksters, poets and punks who believe that mental environmentalism is the defining social struggle of our era. They vow to change the way information flows and to shake up the production of meaning in our society.

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