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Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World Part V (Politico) — No Future

In the penultimate issue of our Blueprint for a New World series, we take on the global smörgåsbord of red-alert headlines as the floorboards of the capitalist project give their last protesting creaks.


ISSN (Asia Pacific Edition): 2313-4038
ISSN (Hong Kong Edition): 2313-4046
Size: 203mm(w) x 267mm(h)
Pages: 128p + 4p cover


By unmasking the automaton-equation nibbling at the heart of our society, we look back and reach out beyond the mainstream to find voices of dissent past, present and impending… and remind ourselves that the seeds are already sown and the forecast calls for rain. The smatter of artists, writers, scholars and sights in this issue will reel you away and away – back onto the slow track.

- Battle for the Soul of Economics with The Rebel Economic Student’s Manifesto
- A Call for the Citizen’s Arrest of the five ugliest souls in mega-finance
- Pankaj Mishra gives us a crash-course on the failed blueprint for the nation-state project imposed by the West
- Franco “Bifo” Berardi talks about the simpering form of humankind caught in the automaton’s wheel
- Douglas Haddow boils another pot of coffee, and reaches into the morass of the surface-web to find the slow coagulation of the revolutionary SWARM
- 132 full-color pages streamlined around this one aim: to resist, rebuke and reverse the psycho-collapse of everyday life!

About Adbusters

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Adbusters is a not-for-profit magazine concerned about the erosion of our physical and cultural environments by commercial forces. Its aim is to catalyze a sudden, unexpected moment of truth — a global mindshift — from which the consumerist forces never fully recover.

Adbusters is a global network of culture jammers: writers, artists, designers, rabble rousers… hackers, philosophers, pranksters, poets and punks who believe that mental environmentalism is the defining social struggle of our era. They vow to change the way information flows and to shake up the production of meaning in our society.

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