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COLORS 89: Moving House — A Survival Guide

In the past quarter century, the world’s migration rate has doubled. Today, 232 million migrants live abroad, and 90 million more are currently packing their bags. COLORS 89: Moving House follows their journeys.


ISSN (EN/IT Edition): 2227-2992

ISSN (EN/CN Edition): 2227-2984

Size: 228mm(w) x 287mm(h)

Pages: 104 pages
2 x 4-page gatefold included
3 x 8-page mapfold included

Moving House

While Spanish homeowners are setting up house on the streets after getting evicted from their homes, Chinese workers are moving into shipping containers in Shanghai. Indian temple devotees are sacrificing toy airplanes in return for a visa; halfway across the world, Mexican vacationists are voluntarily getting chased by fake US border patrol at a local tourist attraction. We’ve investigated people's motives to move, the borders they cross, the things they carry and the obstacles they surmount. Including a few tips on how to build a temporary shelter and a set of maps to put you on the right path, in case you are looking for one.


COLORS is a magazine about the rest of the world; distributed quarterly in more than 40 countries worldwide. COLORS is a timeless collectable magazine for multiple readers. It is a magazine that celebrates diversity and racial harmony. Since its first appearance in 1991, COLORS has reinvented journalism.

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