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2017 Designers — Sébastien Bohner, Petr Bosák, Robert Jansa, Adam Macháček — Lausanne/Prague/San Francisco

What are the essential elements that go into making a good editorial design? “It will probably sound quite basic, but from the very beginning there should be mutual understanding between those involved. That implies both the designer (who should believe the project is meaningful) and the commissioner (knowing the reasons why they chose the designers they work with).”

2017 Designers is a graphic-design studio founded in 2011 by Sébastien Bohner, Petr Bosák, Robert Jansa and Adam Macháček. Collaborators include Airbnb, Brno Biennial, California College of the Arts, Chronicle Books, Galerie Rudolfinum, Municipality of Montreux, Museum of Czech Literature, Museumsquartier Vienna, National Gallery in Prague, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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