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205TF — Lyon, France

“We get our motivation from the projects themselves, and from the unique ideas they develop. We believe that it is necessary to keep renewing typographical forms in order to meet the needs and the spirit of the times. Fonts are at the core of communication, and good type design should reflect the constant and rapid evolution of society and visual culture.”

The initials TF stand simultaneously for Type Foundry and Typographie Française. 205TF is a type foundry that brings together the work of independent typeface designers, some of them well known, others closer to the beginning of their careers, all highly talented and each of them developing characters wherein a certain French spirit can be felt. It is an organisation on a human scale, and beyond the distribution of its work it supports typeface designers by making their creations available to a wider audience, thus affording them greater recognition. Both in its choice of creators and in their output, quantity is less important than quality.

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