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29Letters — 29LT — Madrid, Spain

“The end of 2020 will mark the release of a new 29LT type system inspired by the Aljamiado script used by the Moors of medieval Spain. After months of intensive research on the manuscripts and analyzing their linguistic and typographic aspects, we came up with the idea of creating a new type family consisting of several styles ranging from geometric to cursive, based on the different writing styles found in these manuscripts. Aljamiado is one of several Arab/Hispanic topics that I became interested in since I moved to Madrid three years ago.”

29Letters, or 29LT, is an independent type business creating and publishing multilingual fonts and operating out of the capital of Spain. It was founded by Lebanese designer Pascal Zoghbi and its Arabic and Latin typography is produced by a collaborative team of professional Arab and European type designers. Besides publishing unique retail fonts, 29LT frequently joins forces with renowned international branding, design and advertising agencies to deliver high-end typographic solutions, such as bespoke fonts and word marks.

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