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3TTMAN — Louis Lambert — Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

"Art offers me the opportunity to play on any surface I want and I’m definitely taking advantage of that. I live right in front of the sea (in Tenerife) and surf as much as I can; it’s a volcanic island and the power of nature is deeply present everywhere you look. I feel that I still have a lot to discover."

3TTMAN (pronounced three têtes man or the man with three heads) is a French-born artist based in Madrid. His versatile style combines cartoon graphics with forms inspired by his travels to distant lands. He captures the scarcity of time from a symbolic perspective. Occupying the middle ground between fine arts and arts & crafts, his diverse use of mediums such as paper mache, ceramics or earthenware have produced colourful works that run in parallel with his prolific street art career.

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