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3 Wind Knots — Latvia

The legend "Three Knots of Wind" – which tells the story of a boat captain who owned a magical rope with three knots that had special power over the seas and the winds – was Sigita's inspiration to his jewelleries. With the help of his magic rope, the captain conquered evil and married a princess. "Just as in the legend, our accessories will bring love, joy and many miracles in the life of the person wearing it."

Created by Sigita Truksane, "3 Wind Knots" is a handmade jewellery and accessories brand from Latvia. Originally trained in human resource management, Sigita’s true passion lies in design and fashion. She believes that we can realise our goals if only we have a specific item or talisman that has meaning for us which we value; an item that reminds us of our dreams, inspires and motivates us to move forward.

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