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AIC — Moscow, Russia

“We believe that the best interactive design stays invisible for the user. You just see the product and know already what it’s for and how to work with it. This is what makes design human-centred. We followed this approach creating the interface for ‘Bitrix24’ — an internal social network that lets people collaborate effectively using many tools. It took a lot of effort to elaborate structure and information architecture in a way so that the user doesn’t get frustrated — just a couple of easy steps to get what they need and to adjust the system for personal or team needs.”

AIC Design Consultancy is the first digital outfit on the Russian web-development market that specialises in financial and IT projects. It works with leading banks, insurance and telecomms companies. Since its foundation in 1998 it has developed more than 200 projects. It develops service UX or UI design that aims to be efficient and to ensure a unique user experience. Its fundamental principle is to always collaborate with clients, paying attention to their needs and preferences, and to develop individual customised solutions. But above all it focuses on the users.

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