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Acel Marselin Widjaja — Jakarta, Indonesia

“I have always appreciated the beauty of the printed poster. It gives me a unique experience when I hold or touch something physical. In this digital era, many of these printed posters are being shifted into digital versions. These have their own purpose and advantages. However, printed posters offer special qualities that cannot be reproduced digitally. The physical texture, shape, weight and even the smell of the paper can produce an image that is truly unique and lasting. It sometimes becomes an oasis allowing people to disconnect for a while from the digital world.”

Acel Marselin Widjaja studied at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, where she obtained a first-class-honours Bachelor of Arts degree. During her stays in Singapore and Jakarta, she collaborated with other professionals and worked for multinational agencies, handling extensive projects in typography, illustration, branding design and advertising. She is currently practising as a freelance graphic designer, and also pursuing her passion for craft and paper-cutting.

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