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Agnes & Anthony — Brussels, Belgium

“La Baleine Bleue is our most memorable window-display design and it was our first-ever collaboration. It was an ambitious idea, we had to work over a whole Christmas to complete it, hand-cutting all the tiny patterns, but it was a lot of fun. We still remember how rewarding and satisfying it was looking at the whale from across the street. It is those feelings that motivate us to continue to push ourselves to create designs that make us happy and put a little smile on the faces of passers-by.”

Agnes Tai and Anthony Sarrus (Agnes & Anthony) are based in Brussels but work frequently in Hong Kong and across Europe, specialising in window display, scenography, animation and visual-design projects. Tai has a background in theatre design and Sarrus is an animator/illustrator. They say that they influence each other both in their hand-made and digital work.

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