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Alejandra Román — Buenos Aires, Argentina

What makes a good publication design? “It always depends on the type of publication, but I would say that the main attribute should be rhythm. When you have to tell a “story” or several, it’s imperative to have an interesting flow, even when the format is super-simple; you can always have breaks, highlights, moments of full expression, others of silence... sort of like music. Then you have typography, the building blocks of editorial design if the type work is good; it goes a long way. Last but not least, materiality. Paper brings everything to life.”

Alejandra Román
 was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she currently lives. She has been working since 2007 in several design agencies and freelancing for foreign and local clients, and she was an assistant professor for three years at Buenos Aires University’s College of Architecture, Design and Urbanism. She specialises in book and
magazine design, having worked for an architecture and photography publisher for several years. She loves the medium of print.

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