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Aleksandra Niepsuj — Warsaw, Poland

Niepsuj combines collage, pencil, ink and paints with digital media, to create her humorous and idiosyncratic images. Renowned for her playful characters and distinctive flexible style, she adds an optimistic feel to every job she's been assigned to. She took part in more than 50 exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Aleksandra Niepsuj, 86', is an ambitious and enterprising young graphic designer and illustrator. She graduated from the Fine Art Academy in Lodz in 2010, holding the MFA degree in Editorial Design; meanwhile she studied in Portugal in Escola Superiore Artes Design w Matosinhos and Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto. She was a recipient of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship and was awarded with the Academy of Fine Art in Lodz Rector's Grant. Currently teaching Spatial Graphics and Poster Design at her Alma Mater.

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