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Ali Syed — Montreal, Canada

“As a traveller, a map-lover and a transport enthusiast, I’d like to be involved in developing a way-finding system for a multi-modal urban transport system. In order to make the system effective, my way-finding strategy would be based on the principles of design thinking. It’d be an holistic approach where every aspect of the user journey will be designed in order to provide pertinent information at every stage of the journey. I think a good design, above all else, is universal and to achieve this universality, the strategy has to be co-creative by directly involving the users.”

Ali Syed is an information and way-finding designer. His design approach is “holistic, empathic and co-creative with an ultimate goal of enhancing user experience”. As an information designer, he strives to achieve clarity of information in his projects. With an MA in information design from the University of Reading, UK, he has experience working as a way-finding strategist in Montreal.

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