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Amélie Fléchais — Nantes, France

“Comics are a very rich art-form for me, halfway between writing and cinematics. Each box contains sense and symbols, while allowing fluidity of reading. It is also a medium that is accessible and popular — we just need a sheet of paper, a pencil and a good story. It offers great creative freedom, which makes me want to tell stories involving the three things that fascinate me: drawing, staging and writing history.”

Amélie Fléchais is a children’s-book illustrator and visual-development artist. She has released three comics — Chemin Perdu, L’Homme Montagne and Bergères Guerrières — as well as a children’s book, Le Petit Loup Rouge. Fléchais is currently working with her partner Jonathan Garnier on a comic-book series entitled Bergères Guerrières, inspired by their travels in Ireland and Scotland. As well as exhibiting her own artwork worldwide, she has produced concept art for the feature film Song Of The Sea for Cartoon Saloon and Troll for Dreamworks.

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