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Andrea Bianchi — Milan, Italy

What is your favourite album cover? “The easy answer for me, being a jazz fan, would be to choose a random Blue Note cover. Those artworks feature an extraordinary use of typography, layout and colour, especially considering the simple tools they had. Stepping away from clichés, I would say my favourite album cover is Skin by Flume. Featuring an amazing artwork by Jonathan Zawada, the cover has such a strong impact. Not only because of its meaning but also because it embeds perfectly the feeling and the vibe of the entire album.”

Andrea Bianchi says he has a problem when looking for free usernames as his is the Italian equivalent of John Smith in English. He goes on: “I love laying under the sun. I like Italian ’60s graphics, patterns, photography and cinema. I like simplicity, but complexity as well, black-and-white but also colours. I like the idea of design as a tool to solve problems, but I don’t think it should be limited to that. I like communication when it is loved by people — free, interesting, honest and well done.”

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