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Andrew Kidman — New South Wales, Australia

During the zenith of the early 70's, Albert Falzon made the iconic surf film Morning of the Earth. Falzon’s innocent and idyllic portrayal of the period captures a time when surfers rejected high consumption, materialism and competition; and set about constructing a form of fraternal individualism or brotherhood, with surfing as panacea. 40 years on, surfers are no longer the hedonistic, “dregs of society” they once were. Now more than ever the “corporate” version and the adrenalin-fuelled glamour of surfing prevail.

Australian artist Andrew Kidman works in many mediums. Each discipline, be it music, writing, painting, photography, surfboard shaping or films is born from his innate connection to the ocean. He has been commissioned to produce a new film marking the 40th Anniversary of Morning of the Earth, titled Spirit of Akasha – coined by Albert Falzon himself. Here Kidman discusses his reservations and aspirations in making homage to that most sacred of surfing films.

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