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Anthony Neil Dart — Seattle, Washington, USA

What mistakes or traps should young designers try to avoid when creating an illustration? “We must realise our uniqueness by looking inward. Connect with our origins, culture, geographic location, ethnicity, etc., try to speak in a way that feels true and honest to you. Perfection is boring and copying verbatim is a trap, but exploration is freedom.”

South Africa-born, now US-based, multi-disciplinary desiger and art director Anthony Neil Dart has collaborated with some of the world’s leading brands. He studied fine art and went on to through-the-line advertising, design and direction for the web, mobile, TV and film. He is the founder of Ontwerp.TV, a boutique design/animation and post-production studio. The last five years have seen him focus on product design for Microsoft’s Devices & Experiences, augmented and virtual reality. His design work has been internationally recognised in various publications.

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