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ARCADE — Cape Town, South Africa

“The first aspect we look for when designing characters is personality. Giving each character their own identity. The second is appeal and aesthetic, the type of feeling they portray, how they look, do they suit the brief? Considering things such as shape, language, colour and quality. The third aspect is detail, detail, detail. This is what really separates the good from the best. Even the tiniest accessory can help bring that extra bit of life to a character.”

Arcade is a creative studio of designers who share their love of story-telling through 3D animation and illustration. The Cape Town-based animation agency is known for its playful and colourful work, which over the last decade has come to life in the many visual identities of the characters they create. The design-driven studio develops engaging campaigns through animated stories that are always fun to watch. Arcade’s portfolio, it says,“is a wonderland of bold colours featuring characters that are unique and full of personality”.

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