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Aris Zenone — Lausanne, Switzerland

What makes a good publication design? “The typography must be meticulous, it is the basis of everything. It must be absolutely faultless, in its choice and its use. It is necessary to take care of the cohesion between content, meaning and form. Everything must go together and must be structured, according to very precise rules that are dictated by the message, the concept and the sensations we want to convey. Aesthetics must go to the essence to enhance meaning. Moreover, something unexpected that breaks the rules is important to fascinate, question, surprise and give other keys to reading.”

Aris Zenone is a graphic designer and art director producing a diverse range of work across editorial design, brand identity, art direction and web design.Particularly interested in and focused on simplified aesthetics and purified messages, he is also fascinated by the processes of inversion and subversion “like turning something upside down, giving another point of view”.

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