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Astrid Stavro Studio — Balearic Islands, Spain

Stavro herself is a contributing editor of Elephant magazine and thus the studio tends to specialise in editorial design, but also works across various other media such as posters, visual identities and exhibition design, signage, print and packaging, web and event graphics.

You may find it hard to believe after viewing the portfolio of the Astrid Stavro Studio that all this work was produced by just one not-exactly-large outfit. Its creative director, Astrid Stavro, born in Italy and currently based in Majorca, Spain, established the studio in 2004 with the conscious intention of keeping it small and working like design artisans by offering hands-on solutions for a select range of clients. Its underlying principles are clarity, simplicity and commitment to finding unique, tailor-made solutions for each project in an effort to avoid repetition and formulaic responses.

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