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Attico36 — Antonio D’Amore — Solofra, Avellino, Italy

“My favourite album cover is Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy (Remixed). Despite being from 1997, a very minimal style is used; there is an excellent use of Helvetica (my favourite typeface) and strong contrasting colour. Furthermore, by reading the text on the cover, the artist communicates the capacity for anyone to interpret the scene in their own way. The cover artwork was by The Designer Republic, a well-known English graphic studio. I like that only typography was used without photos and illustrations. Aphex Twin for me is a visionary because in 1997 he experimented with a new visual language that is still very popular today.”

Attico36 is a graphic-design penthouse run by Antonio D’Amore, an Italy-based freelance graphic designer working for clients in both cultural and commercial fields, with a focus on brand identity, editorial and web design.

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