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Avinash Tripathi — New Delhi, India

“Working on the Micromax native-music project was a really satisfying project from the perspective that it required the entire user story to be told to the client, creating a pitch and finally creating a design that was highly interactive, where users seamlessly connected between their offline and online music. It required some very neat scoping out for product specs as well as converting those into modern mobile interactions for users to discover and play music in a totally new fashion such as relaying it offline from the phone to the app, which then suggests similar such songs online.”

Avinash Tripathi is a designer from New Delhi, India, specialising in web and mobile interfaces. He has served a variety of clients both at home and abroad and has been associated with Airtel, Bharati SoftBank, Micromax, Konveen, Jabong, MapMyTalent and other small-to-medium-size clients. His work has seen 10 million-plus downloads on apps such as the one for Wync Music, where he last served as head of design leading a team of some 25 designers.

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