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bend — Athens, Greece

What is your favourite album cover? “You cannot separate a cover from its content, especially when it comes to music. A favourite album is usually a combination of many things. Design is one step in a bigger experiential sequence of many things such as the age, the moment, the company, the sentimental state you are in, etc. If we had to choose we would go for Amazonia 6891 by Walter Maioli, Fred Gales and Pit Piccinelli (1986), Spleen And Ideal (1984) by Dead Can Dance, and Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures (1979).”

Greek studio Bend specialises in graphic design, illustration and interactive media. It says that its “passion lies in the production of printed and digital matter, motivated by visual research and a close collaboration with people, initiatives, institutes and organisations. Since 2005, we have provided fresh ideas that turn into concepts and communicate through functional and fine design. We address contemporary topics through a synthesis of graphic design, illustration, digital media, photography, music and art.”

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