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Barjinder Singh — Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“When we were approached to re-design the Burj Khalifa website, we knew we had to create something more than just another booking platform. Our approach therefore was rather than talking about how the Burj Khalifa is 160 storeys high, we highlighted 160 stories that embody this icon of Dubai. Since the website went live, online bookings have increased significantly due to the new simple booking system that was designed with a mobile-first approach, but more importantly the time that people now engage with the brand has increased significantly with the average time spent on the site up fourfold.”

A self-confessed pixel nerd and coffee fanatic, Barjinder Singh is currently working at Possible. He does UI design for any device that offers a display. These mostly come down to web apps, websites and apps for touch devices. “Creating is not just a job for me, it’s a passion,” he says.

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