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Beatriz Ortiz — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“I discovered collage at a time when I was looking to bring more creativity into my life. I was first attracted to analogue collage, but I was definitely captivated by digital collage. It was a new world, full of new opportunities. Being able to create new things from elements that already exist is what I am most passionate about. It's like a superpower. Picking an image that may have gone unnoticed and transforming it into something new. To be able to escape from the conventional and create new compositions, only with ideas from my head. I am really passionate about collage.”

Beatriz Ortiz is a Cuban collage artist who specialises in the creation of digital collages with touches of surrealism. Trained in graphic design, her greatest passion is to create collage pieces where her only limit is her own imagination. Her collages highlight elements of Nature, compositions with objects and characteristic features of people.

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