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Beetroot — Thessaloniki, Greece

"Good design is communication, multiplication and happiness. It should communicate directly the products, services or ideas that it aims to get across, multiplying its value by adding new and exciting layers that enhance their comprehension, and it should make people happy by celebrating human nature via the senses."

BeetRoot is an award-winning design agency made up of a trio of design enthusiasts with expertise and skills in the creative field. The company was founded by three graduates who between them have graphic-design, New Media, photography and marketing experience in both Greece and the UK. These design all-rounders have been continuously successful since they started, working across the platforms of print and branding as well as web, video, TV, installations and exhibitions. BeetRoot’s flexible and powerful team works to the highest quality standards, giving it access to projects from international clients and thus placing it firmly within the elite of European design.

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