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Ben Fearnley — New York, USA

“Typography is a great way to express a message, communicate an idea or create something playful. The typographic work I make is created using CGI, which opens up a whole new way to approach type — making it look as if it has been made out of wooden blocks, metal, gold, plastic, fabric and so on. Most of the works start off as a thought or even a phrase I may heard of during the day that stuck with me, and then I sketch out ways that this expression could be translated into a beautiful type piece that when coloured, textured and lit in a CG environment will be appealing to the eye as well as communicating the message.”

Ben Fearnley is an award-winning designer specialising in 3D, illustration and typography. Originally from the UK, he is now based in New York. After working in various design fields, his passion for creative image-making via CGI flourished and he decided to focus his craft within this realm. Clients have included Adidas, Apple, the BBC, Diageo, Google Android, MasterCard, Nike, Red Bull, Sony and Time Inc.

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