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Benoit Ollive — Graphic Fury — Los Angeles, USA

“The use of paper for a preparatory sketch is often necessary for more complex pieces as it offers more flexibility for last-minute changes and is less time-consuming, but I find working on a mural directly offers more spontaneity. The artwork being guided by the motion of our whole body instead of just the wrist gives more flow and the larger scale allows more room for details. I most often sketch the overall look, but it is on the wall that the magic happens.”

Benoit Ollive is currently working as Senior Art Director at Anomaly Los Angeles. He says: “I have always pushed myself super-hard to create work that is unique, explores mixed media, questions the principles of design and connects with people through narrative. My ultimate life purpose is to make every day count, so I am never taking breaks. If not at the office, I work on my own projects as an artist. I’m never afraid to get my hands dirty in the true meaning of the term.”

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