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Bichos Da Ceda — Porto, Portugal

“The best part of doing things like this is working with a lot of people, something that’s important as a way of producing things. You may not use print-making, but new solutions to print mean doing it with other people.”

Bichos Da Ceda is a print-based collective that was founded to create typographic posters and printed items for the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, Portugal. Run by design graduate Márcia Novais, Bichos Da Ceda works with students at the faculty. Novais explains that the reasoning behind the community (she insists that it is a community and not a collective as there are no members) is that before its formation there was no means of producing communication design for school events. Novais, finding this at odds with the fact that the art school was full of artists and designers, set up the community in response.

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