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Biryukov Evgeny — Russia, Moscow

“I really like my solution for the gallery in the Artifex project. I believe I’ve managed to combine intuitive interface and attractive graphics. In the desktop version, the user can easily scroll through the gallery by moving the cursor closer to the arrows on each side of the gallery. The same can be done by tilting the device sideways in a mobile version. In addition, I’ve used a special visual effect. Instead of the image darkening when the cursor is over it, I’ve darkened all the other images to let the user focus on the chosen piece of art.”

Starting his career in web design in 2011, Biryukov Evgeny soon switched his focus to the interactive design of user interfaces, which is still his main speciality. He likes to combine new trends in technology with classic canons of drawing and painting, and often adds creative illustrations to the analysis and logic of user interfaces.

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