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“There are a lot of things I would like to re-design. Upgrading a packaging series for a well-known brand, such as Lipton, could prove quite a challenge. I mention Lipton because its packaging is so mainstream that it could easily also be used as packaging for a laundry softener. I’m not aligned to the perception that the packaging of a massive cheap consumer product should be tasteless and common, especially when it concerns tea. Still, I believe that a whole new brand with a whole different set of initiatives is much more likely to adopt new ideas on product design.” is a design agency founded in 2006 by Kostas Mentzos. It offers “holistic” design services ranging from packaging to brand identity and the creation of communication material via various media. The agency believes that “renewal, besides satisfying a need, can bring an answer to the question of how a message can be delivered both in an interesting and effective way”.

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