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Brando Corradini — Rome, Italy

What differences have you found between designing posters as part of a campaign and designing one on its own? “A very clear difference… I believe they are opposites. Designing a poster as part of a campaign depends on other people, on customers with different ideas and tastes, which often do not align with my vision. Every day is a challenge. But I want to spend my whole life communicating! I need to leave a mark by finding a relationship with myself, a unique style that represents me.”

Brando Corradini is a 30-year-old graphic designer who undertook a three-year degree coursein graphic design and visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. But he says “I always want to be free from any rules. I have travelled a lot and this has given me the opportunity to have new experiences. I draw inspiration from everything around me and have just opened a clothing brand with the name ‘NoMade Clothing’ and I collaborate with Damiano Primiceri in a design and branding agency with the Mylab3d Studio. I didn’t want to be just a graphic designer but rather a ‘graphic artist’. I would like to become known world-wide — my dream is to have a page on Wikipedia!”

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