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Brando Corradini — Rome, Italy

“A good publication design must be able to communicate emotions and feelings. The choice of the graphic element must always be evident and clear, having as its primary objective the generation of lively interest. We must try to develop the concept, the organisation of the contents and the visualisation of the images with the text, trying to create an interesting and engaging communication.”

Brando Corradini is a 28-year-old Italian graphic designer who claims that “anything that surrounds us is visual communication”. He believes that “a good graphic should communicate with little, not adding but selecting,” his mantra being that “less iss more”. He is passionate not only about graphics but also architecture, fashion, design and music, “which accompanies me throughout the day, becoming an important source of inspiration from which to draw”. He agrees with Friedrich Nietzsche that “without music, life would be a mistake”.

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