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Brosmind — Juan Mingarro & Alejandro Mingarro — Barcelona, Spain

“In the beginning of our process there’s no significant difference as we always sketch and draw the illustrations on paper first. But naturally, considerations regarding composition, scale and colour palette may vary when we’re creating a work for a specific location and of a particular size. We always focus on making the piece as eye-catching and impactful as possible.”

Brosmind comprises Juan and Alejandro Mingarro, born in Spain in 1978 and 1981 respectively.They say: “We are brothers, friends, enemies, illustrators, artists, amateur tech designers, video enthusiasts, bocadillo de fuet-lovers, fathers, sons, husbands/boyfriends, lecturers, occasional musicians. In 2007 we founded our studio in Barcelona where we work with all of the above disciplines through commissions, personal projects and exhibitions.”

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