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Buenos Días — Sevilla, Spain

With so many magazines going digital nowadays, how and why do you think that printed publications might still survive? “It’s another tool within our reach, just like the digital one. Paper has very different characteristics to the digital environment. Hard-copy publications are more free when it comes to composing, they are not full of templates, plug-ins, etc. They allow the designer to experiment in a more tangible and direct way. They also allow the recipient to face a different meaning, a ritual differentiating from the daily routine. For this you have to exercise interest. Visual interest, so that the reader feels trapped by a fascinating object.”

This Spanish strategic-communication and design consultancy aims to “help companies to focus on improving their business. We analyze how brands relate to their environments and how they are understood in their present and future markets; how their consumers and potential customers perceive them. We create identities that univocally convey the value proposition of the brand to its recipients. We develop and implement complete marketing and communication plans.”

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