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Büro North — Melbourne, Australia

“The ideal project would be designing the user experience, way-finding and environmental graphics for a digital art museum. At Buro North, we are obsessed by the fusion of contemporary art, abstraction and functional requirements in the built environment. Understanding how people arrive at spaces, what their cognitive loads are, their likely stress levels and emotional states, are all very interesting for large, complex projects, especially cultural ones such as museums. Increasingly they are recognising the need to extend the engagement beyond the art, into the actual physical experience spatially.”

Büro North maintains that it “creates better futures by design”. It says “We work with smart organisations globally across way-finding, user experience and strategic branding to deliver game-changing outcomes. These include increasing pedestrian activity, building loyalty in travellers, healthier patients, happier shoppers, safer residents and more engaged students. See what we’re working on now to create better futures.”

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