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Büro Ufho — Singapore

It would be most designers’ dream to develop a great identity and impact as many people’s lives as possible, in a positive way. While we don’t want to sound rude by suggesting that we could do a better job under the same challenging bureaucratic processes involved in such a major exercise, we would love to re-brand SingTel, because we think the satisfaction would be tremendous for us to be able to realise intelligent designs at this level of scale and impact; to be able to improve people’s perception of the company, and to imbue the brand with meaning and ambition.

Büro Ufho is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Singapore that aims to deliver “beautifully crafted solutions — through the use of beautiful type, images, illustrations and layout — for aspiring clients around the world”. It believes that design should challenge the status quo and improve life experiences. As an essential part of every aspect of modern life, good design should be synonymous with a good life, it says.

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