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CAST — Cooperativa Anonima Servizi Tipografici — Bolzano, Italy

“In designing Sole Sans, we took our inspiration from the San Serif lettering of English 18th-century neo-classical architects such as George Dance. The Caslon Foundry (1816), Thorowgood (1832) and Figgins (1833) were also influences. All these faces show uppercase only, rather crude and heavy, with ungainly curves that seem to be produced by a blunt tool. The strokes have a certain contrast and the letters often seem to be drawn with hesitation. We were interested in the ‘brutal’ look of these types, inspired by the very plain Greek or Republican-era Roman inscriptions.”

CAST is a type foundry set up as a cooperative in 2014. So far it has released 18 types, including Sole Serif and Sole Sans (EDA Silver 2019), plus other custom faces. In 2016 it launched Cast It, an occasional publication to showcase its typefaces. Since 2017 it has run CAST articles — the science of type, its history and culture — on its website.

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