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Carl Rylatt — Brighton, UK

“Posters serve the same purpose as they always have, they promote things and remain a valuable part of a promoter’s arsenal when publicizing an event. It’s true that they are no longer the primary medium to do this, but I think that in making them, it shows that a promoter really cares about what they are doing. It shows a desire to go the extra mile when, in all honesty, it’s probably possible to successfully promote an event with no posters at all these days. It shows a level of care that I believe audiences pick up on, which in turn generates trust, and I think this makes posters as important as they’ve always been.”

Carl Rylatt, who has been designing for some 15 years, started out as many designers do, designing music posters and flyers. He eventually took this interest into promoting his own gigs under the name Forecast in Cardiff, South Wales, where he produced most of his poster work. He now lives in the South of England and works for a creative studio called Crush in Brighton.

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