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CaroselloLab — Rome/Milan, Italy

Pick an existing identity that you would like to re-brand? Our agency is based in Rome and Milan, but many of us come from the south of Italy, so we would be particularly happy to help a brand from our respective hometowns improve its identity and positioning. For example, Divella is a big company, exporting pasta and other products to 130 countries and we think there’s a lot of work to be done with it. At the moment, its brand image is a bit cold and outdated. It should show where the product comes from and the tables it ends up on, with an identity that mixes better photography and typography with instantly recognisable and beautifully crafted packaging.

CaroselloLab is a full-service creative agency passionate about story-telling through thoughtful design, strategies and content. “Whether we work on an identity, a packaging project or a website, our goal is to widen users’ experiences, providing them with something unexpected and smart, that can enrich their relationship with the brand,” it says, adding: “To make it possible we work as a small team of people with different backgrounds, where everyone can bring into the project his or her own vision.”

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