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Caterina Bianchini Studio — London, UK

Is there any existing packaging design, your own work or that of others, that you would like to re-design? “I think that to work on something that is well-known universally could be interesting and quite a challenge. Something like the milk carton, an everyday ambiguous object that everyone can relate to. How could we create something new for this that could then be recognised on the same level that a milk carton is now? Or is there a way to create something that is more environmentally friendly and creates more of a link back to Nature?”

Caterina Bianchini Studio is an independent, multi-award-winning art and design studio in Hackney, London. The studio’s vision is grounded in art, conceptual ideas and experimentation. Each project challenges current design norms through the creation of unique typography and carefully curated colour palettes. The studio has built an individual and memorable style through its ambitious and enchanting creative approach and research-led development, creating work that merges the gap between art and design.

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