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Chat Travieso — Brooklyn, New York, USA

“My work is meant to build on the existing physical and social context of a place rather than impose something that isn’t empathic to people’s needs and wants. To that end, any environmental design project that I take on must begin with a genuine commitment to the existing community. I must approach each project with humility. Community engagement is not one meeting or workshop, it is constantly engaging people in conversation, making oneself known, listening and observing on a regular basis, and through this process, building trust and solidarity with local residents, businesses and community groups.”

Chat Travieso is a Brooklyn-based artist, designer and educator who creates socially engaged public art installations. His artist residencies include the New York Studio Residency Program, LMCC Process Space, and Smack Mellon Studio Program. He is the recipient of a 2015 USA Young Arts Fellowship in Architecture & Design, New York Community Trust Van Lier Fellowship as part of his Smack Mellon residency, a Community Arts Fund Grant and Brooklyn Arts Fund Grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council, a Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholarship, and the Matthew J. Quinn Prize from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

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