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Chris Seddon — East London, UK

"I see glitch as being a form of mark-making for the post-digital age: an amalgamation of distortions, flaws, pixels, errors and manipulations. The very nature of glitch – the aesthetic make-up, and disregard for tradition or conventional design, suggests that it is subversive. It is important that rules are broken and the field of design does not become too retro-active."

Originally from the North of England but now residing in the East End of London, Chris Seddon has always admired the American abstract painters of the ’50s and 60s – whose bold way with paint displayed the same sensibilities that he wishes to exhibit in his work. In recent years, Seddon has used digital software more regularly and his work has become less figurative and more abstract. It has also mutated from what was a largely illustrative approach to a more digital and graphic aesthetic.

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