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Çiğdem Michalski — San Francisco, USA

In my personal work, I start with the state of chaos and then look for order in it by subtracting and modifying the individual parts. I don’t think I really have any defined criteria for when the work is complete – it just snaps into place at some point and you know it works. As for other designers, I do not like to critique their work – I don’t really operate within terms of ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but rather regard it all as simply ‘stuff that I enjoy’ or that ‘I don’t enjoy so much’.

Çiğdem Michalski is a graphic designer and illustrator and currently resides in San Francisco. After working for a decade as half of the Istanbul creative duo Imago, she is turning her focus primarily on illustration, arts and textile design now, while continuing to direct the design and artistic approaches for motion-graphic works. Michalski says that she is inspired by Nature and by various urban and folk cultural influences. She combines traditional artistic approaches with digital media and utilises both techniques in a balanced, harmonious way to create some astonishing effects.

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