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DHNN Creative Agency — Buenos Aires, Argentina

“For us, design is based on constant experimentation, in applying critical thinking to everything we do, and finding the answer to the ‘Why?’ behind every new step. By questioning the process, we reach an organic and genuine solution. In these terms, we feel our project with ‘Tril’ is a good example of how to transcend the typical sharing experience; from empathetic microcopy to clear UX and UI, every aspect invites users to be themselves. Whether it is recommending content with a personal touch or being able to find some influencer to trust in, details make interaction more real.”

Since 2007, DHNN says it “has been part of the conversation between users and brands, generating real bonds that could grow with time and adapt to the new tendencies. That way, we can define each brand as part of a true relation, without losing what makes them look and feel unique. From visual concepts to UX/UI, we believe in learning through challenge.”

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